Mia Za's 101

Welcome to Mia Za’s. Our goal is to change the way people eat, at our place or on the go. We focus on our service, atmosphere and most importantly our menu to let us prepare healthy, whole foods served in a fun and quick way for our active customers. *We do healthy...better* with a commitment to whole foods with superb flavor and great service.We make it simple, fast, and delicious to fuel your body while giving you more time

ingredients so you can create the perfect custom made-to-order pizza, pasta, insalata (salad), or panini each and every time. That’s why we call it Mia Za’s. Directly translated it means “My Za’s” and is about serving up fresh Italian your way, each and every time. With over 50+ high-quality, fresh ingredients daily, and more being added on a regular basis, you can create close to 100,000,000 different order combinations.

Food Movement

In case you haven’t noticed we don’t mess around - we take our food very seriously. It all starts with our ingredients. They’re fresh, and chopped daily to make sure you get some seriously intense taste and nutrition in every bite you take. We also believe that pesticides, preservatives, trans fats, etc. have no place in the kitchen – especially in your food! That’s why we’re committed to rid the world of those evil doers. Through supporting local farming, using organics when plausible, and offering over 50 of the top 150 world’s healthiest ingredients*, we’re making an impact one plate at a time. We’ve even teamed up with Barilla to


*According to www.whfoods.com

now offer Barilla PLUS Multi-Grain Pasta. Made with wholesome ingredients that are naturally rich in protein, fiber, and ALA omega-3 fatty acids, while remaining low in fat. Barilla PLUS is a treat for the body, mind, and soul, so be sure to try some today! And last, but certainly not least we support the green movement. Minimizing your carbon footprint nowadays is not only essential but crucial. That’s why we use environmentally friendly cooking and building methods to help minimize energy and water consumption. We also serve all of your meals on plates and bowls that can be washed, use recycled paper and green friendly cleaning.