Our approval is based upon several factors, including but not limited to, your experience, qualifications, financial status and net worth. You (or your owners) and your managers, must give us all data we request regarding your personal abilities, aptitude, and financial qualifications. We prefer candidates with prior restaurant management experience. In addition, our ideal candidate should have knowledge of the industry and a willingness to work hard and the ability to work well with others.

At minimum we require you to have a personal, financial net worth of $650,000 and $250,000 of liquid funds, with the capability of borrowing the balance needed to build and fund a single Mia Za’s Café® Restaurant.

For multi-unit developers similar financial requirements apply multiplied by the number of restaurants you wish to develop. (I.e. a multi-unit development consisting of 3 restaurants requires $1,950.000 net worth and $750,000 liquid funds with the capability of borrowing the balance needed to build and fund the development for all units. We also require that multi-unit developers, with our approval, employ a Director of Operations, who possess multi-unit restaurant experience and who has an equity interest in the overall multi-unit restaurants of not less than five percent (5%).


• Submit our Request for Consideration Franchisee Questionnaire

• Submit personal financial statements on all franchisee partners

• Submit both personal and financial references for all applicants

• Submit a complete Credit Report for each applicant dated within 10 days of submission

• Submit a three year business plan along with your application


• Tour one of our company restaurants during business hours

• Meet with and be interviewed by our executive selection committee

• Receive approval from the executive committee

• Once approved, begin site selection and meetings with required contractors

Freshness. Quality. Convenience. It’s what makes MiaZa’s Café special to our customers.

Efficiency. Experience. Dedication. It’s what makes MiaZa’s franchise program the right choice for franchise owners.

Are you looking...

  • For the chance to own and grow your own business?
  • To put your restaurant or other business management skills to work for you?
  • For a way to offer taste, variety, and customization to discriminating diners in your home town?
  • To leverage the brainpower, innovation, teamwork, and business contacts of a professional organization that is committed to supporting you at every step?

THEN THE MIA ZA’S FRANCHISE PROGRAM IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU. To learn more about our franchise opportunity and find out what it takes to become a Mia Za’s franchisee, please complete our application form.